Afternoon Tea – A very British Affair

The Collins Dictionary describes Afternoon Tea as a “small meal you can have in the afternoon,” but it is so much more than that.

Not to be confused with the more robust High Tea. So called as it is taken in a high backed chair, and at a table. Afternoon tea is a refined affair, served in low chairs. Unlike High Tea, this is an event that is traditionally reserved for the wealthy. This is a light meal consisting of delicate sandwiches, scones, pastries and cakes, and is enjoyed alongside pots of leaf tea.

…enjoy Afternoon Tea, for any (or no) reason, enjoy it anytime, and now you can enjoy it anywhere too!

For cakes sake, may 2019

Traditionally served around 4pm, afternoon tea used to be a stop gap between breakfast and a late dinner. Originally enjoyed privately by well-to-do ladies, it is now a treat that is served by many cafe’s, hotels and restaurants. Once reserved for the elite, it can now be enjoyed by everyone, at almost anytime – and now, anywhere!

Whatever the occasion, impress your friends, family and clients with our Afternoon Tea at your office, home or somewhere else!

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