Tea Time Teasers 

Tea Time Teaser #3

What goes well with Afternoon Tea? A tea time puzzle, of course – here’s another one I made with an Afternoon Tea twist.

I’ve hidden 30 words and phrases that represent a selection of yummy ingredients that you’ll be sure to find in our kitchen. Can you find your favourite?

Answers go in all directions. Click here for the solution…
Apple BakingPowder Butter
Buttermilk Caramel CasterSugar
Cinnamon DarkChocolate Demerera
FiloPastry FreeRangeEggs FreshCream
Fudge Ganache Ginger
GoldenSyrup GroundAlmonds IceCream
Lemons Meringue Molasses
PassionFruit PlainFlour Raspberries
SelfRaisingflour Strawberries Sultanas
VanillaIceCream WhiteChocolate  

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